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With “Why Danes Do, What They Do, When They Do It” I wish to give visitors to Denmark, expats making their home in Denmark, and any one who is new to or curious about all things Danish, a look at the history of Denmark, Danish traditions, norms, mores and peculiarities:

From why we put real candles on our Christmas trees and how we celebrate our annual milestones – to our love/hate relationship with the weather, the people who shaped our country (be they fictional or real, for “Hamlet the Dane” cannot be left out) and, of course, our illusive concept of “hygge”.

In other words: The why, what, when and how of Denmark, Danish culture and the Danes.

I am a storyteller.
I love bringing stories to life – from great tales of fiction to great tales from history, art and culture. Thank you for joining me – and please share.


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