About WhatDanesDo.com

About me
With “What Danes Do” I wish to give visitors to Denmark, expats making their home in Denmark, and any one who is new to or curious about Denmark and things Danish, a look at the history of Denmark, Danish traditions, norms, mores and peculiarities:

Why we put candles on our Christmas trees. Why we are seemingly obsessed with a certain tree in springtime. How we celebrate our annual milestones. Our love/hate relationship with the weather. The people who shaped our country (both real and fictional – for Hamlet the Dane must be mentioned eventually). And, of course, our illusive concept of “hygge”.

In other words: The why, what, when and how of Denmark, Danish culture and the Danes.

I am a storyteller. I love bringing stories in all shapes and sizes to life – from great tales of fiction to great tales from history, art and culture. Now also in blogg-format.

My background
My love of bringing stories to life seems to have been a more or less innate quality. A quality I have nourished and strengthened academically, in practice and in an insatiable interest in learning more about history.

I grew up in a diplomatic family and regularly had to get used to living in and with new countries and cultures. I learned that knowing if only a little about the culture and history of a place makes the experience so much bigger – and knowing your own history and culture as well, makes for interesting conversations, cultural meetings and many “oh, that’s why!”-moments.

Knowledge builds bridges – and we need more bridges.

I aim daily to develop and practice a style of storytelling and audience communication, which is vibrant, academically viable, and speaks to everyone. This is my professional “credo”.

My credentials
I hold a Master of Arts degree in Dramaturgy, Media Studies and Social Anthropology with supplementary studies in Museum Studies.

My field of experience stretches from the Royal Danish Opera, the Copenhagen Philharmonics, the Danish National Opera, the Old Town Museum, Golden Days in Copenhagen, Copenhagen Museums and Attractions, the Danish Folk Council and the Danish Arts Council.

The author busy bringing history to life at Den Gamle By